House Rules for visitors to CORSO Shopping Mall  in Świnoujście („House Rules”)

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of the Customers of CORSO Shopping Mall in Świnoujście, hereinafter referred to as the „Shopping Mall”, we kindly request all persons visiting our Gallery to observe the provisions contained in these House Rules and  and to follow the instructions of the security and Shopping Mall employees.

The House Rules shall apply to the entire Shopping Mall and its external areas.

By entering the Shopping Mall, you agree to be bound by all provisions of these House Rules.

  1. The opening hours of the Shopping Mall are indicated on the entrances and on the website: – entrance to the cinema (floor +2) is possible during the opening hours of the cinema, according to its repertoire.
  1. Persons present on the premises of the Shopping Mall are obliged to behave in accordance with the law and the provisions of these House Rules in a manner that does not endanger safety and does not disturb the peace of other visitors and Shopping Mall employees.
  1. Minors under 13 years of age may be present in the Gallery only under the care of their parents or guardians. Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety of minors.
  1. The Following are not allowed within the premises of the Shopping Mall:
  • to be in the state of intoxication or under the influence of similarly acting intoxicants, disrupting public order, behaving in a disruptive manner or persistently violating these House Rules. Perpetrators of theft of property and other offences, detained on the premises of the Shapping Mall are not allowed to stay in the Shopping Mall;
  • enter with objects that may constitute a threat to human life or health, or the possession and storage of which is prohibited by law;
  • use of naked flames or any items or objects whose use creates a source of fire, smoke or vapour, etc. (e.g. matches, lighters, candles, electronic cigarettes, flares) and bringing into the Shopping Mall premises all kinds of weapons and inflammable and explosive materials.
  • use of any kind of intoxicants, smoking of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and consumption of alcoholic beverages outside the restaurants and cafés serving alcohol;
  • damage to property, including littering of the Shopping Mall, damage to or improper use of facilities and equipment intended for public use, such as toilets, sanitary facilities, lifts, corridors, etc.
  • paste over, cover, or tear down the evacuation and information signs in the Shopping Mall premises;
  • making noise, running, playing ball, entering and riding bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, segways, scooters, smart balance boards, remote-controlled cars, as well as riding inline skates, skateboards, roller-skates, etc; itp.;
  • to lean against shop windows, railings, handrails and other parts of the building and to attach bicycles and similar mobility devices to them outside the designated areas outside the building;
  • to sit outside designated areas, particularly in steps, flower beds and other decorative elements;
  • to accost other persons;
  • hold meetings, exhibit goods for sale, door-to-door selling, music performances, charity events without the written consent of the Shopping Mall Management;
  • distribute advertising materials without the consent of the Shopping Mall Management;
  • park in unauthorised areas, on pavements, in fire lanes and in the delivery area of the Shopping Mall;
  • photograph or film the Shopping Mall from the outside and inside for commercial purposes or by professional photographers or television crews without the prior consent of the Shopping Mall Management;
  1. In the common areas of the CORSO Shopping Mall, i.e. passageways, corridors, car park, it is allowed to bring dogs and other pets, hereinafter referred to as „pets”, provided that they do not pose a threat to safety and are not a nuisance to other visitors, according to the following rules:
  • when bringing a pet into the Gallery, its guardian must be particularly careful – it is obliged to have full control over the pet at all times when it is present in the Shopping mall, with particular regard to hygiene and the safety of others;
  • the guardian of the pet is fully responsible for its behaviour and any damage it causes, in particular it is obliged to clean up after its pet;
  • the guardian is obliged to take precautions to ensure protection of health and life of humans and other animals and, in particular, to make efforts to ensure that the pet is the least bothersome for the surroundings and does not contaminate the places intended for common use;
  • pets may only be brought into the Shopping Mall by adults;
  • pets (especially dogs) must wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash not exceeding 1 metre in length or carried in the hands of the owner or in a properly secured carrier;
  • pets may not be taken on escalators;
  • for the comfort of others, it is recommended that pets are not brought in the restaurant area.

Rules for bringing pets to individual premises are at the sole discretion of the premises owner. In front of the entrance to each premises there is a graphic notice indicating whether pets are accepted there. 

Assistance dogs with the appropriate certificate may move throughout the Shopping mall without restriction.

Special situations:

  1. Any security threat on the Shopping mall premises shall be notified to the Shopping Mall management or security.
  2. Any items left on the mall premises should be reported immediately to Shopping Mall security.
  3. In the event of a threat or the need to evacuate the premises, all persons are required to comply unconditionally with the orders of the management, the mall security service and the public emergency and law enforcement services.
  4. Persons who violate these regulations are obliged to leave the premises of the Shopping mall at the request of the gallery management or persons appointed by it (Shopping Mall security, administration).

All visitors are kindly requested to abide by these Terms and Conditions.